28.01.2019 sheptura

COCO MOBILE (5 Presets)


All you need for using this Lightroom Mobile KATIE ONE Presets Collection is just Lightroom Mobile app without Creative Cloud subscription! 
Be sure to download them to your computer first. All needed info about how to use them is included via PDF file. It is really easy and convenient, don’t worry!

Finally, COCO Collection of 5 new mesmerizing presets is out here! The collection is inspired by immortal French classics, with a touch of film mood and still strongly vibrant in color! You will love it as soon as you see the effect. This collection is perfect for lifestyle shots, art-shots, food-pics, travel, fashion – literally for any shot that you want to turn into French Art de Vivre style picture!

To get ALL MOBILE KATIE ONE PRESETS (COCO IS NOT INCLUDED) (Vogue, Rose Glasses, Sandy Breeze, Milk Tea, Gourmet, Bellini, Mochi, Pizza, Wine) with 60% off only for €69 instead of  €221 CLICK HERE.

This user-friendly Collection is specifically designed for JPEG  pictures editing on Lightroom Mobile and cannot be synced to Lightroom Desktop. In most cases, these presets are one-click magic but please remember that all presets work differently depending on the image. The Collections were tested on a vast variety of images, so they are very versatile and you can easily tweak the edit. Presets are meant to be a base to work off of, it’s normal to make adjustments after the preset is applied. Once payment is made you receive a link for an instant download via email. Since the Presets can’t be returned, the purchase is not refundable. © KATIE ONE PRESETS